Praia da Pipa

Praia da Pipa is a Paradise !

Have you ever had a stressful day and just wanted to run away?  Whenever I’m having one of those moments, I picture myself back in Pipa, Brazil.  The weather in Pipa seems to always be perfect, the food is fresh, the nightlife is wild, the beaches are breathtaking,  they have “the cleanest air on the planet after Antarctica.”  While in Pipa, I felt like I was in another world full of happy, relaxed, and tan people.

The Village of Pipa Beach  is located on the northeastern coast of Brazil and the closest big city is Natal.  There is a great mix of friendly locals and tourists from around the world (including many honeymooners.)

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surf school pipa

surf school pipa

If you’re in the mood to get off the beach and have some more active fun, then there are numerous options in Praia da Pipa .  The downtown area is very quaint and has many stores with local items.  You can also surf, rent canoes, buggies, boats, and more.  After a day of shopping and adventure, make sure you check out the nightlife.  It’s the type of night that you and your friends also will keep talking about. There are lots of crowded bars, all located downtown. in Pipa Beach They almost always have great local bands playing


Framed by cliffs and composed of perfectly blue water, the beaches are undoubtedly the best part of Pipa.  It is not uncommon to spot dolphins and turtles.  Have you ever dreamt of lying on the beach all day while someone brings you fresh coconuts to drink?  Pipa is a place where dreams come true.

Nos anos 80, foi descoberta pelos amantes do surf e rapidamente se transformou em uma das praias mais badaladas do Brasil recebendo um enorme número de turistas todos os anos.

Parece utópico, mas é real. Em Pipa tudo brilha com uma claridade diferente e as coisas, simplesmente acontecem.

Nada perturba, todos se conhecem. Uma vila super cosmopolita, onde é possível encontrar pessoas de todos os cantos, falando quase todas alinguas.

Por sua beleza, suas praias com sol perene, a preservação ambiental da mata atlântica, as dunas, os coqueirais, as falésias, as piscinas naturais e os habitantes nasceu aqui uma perfeita combinação entrenativos e imigrantes vindos de todo Brasil e de várias partes do mundo. Uma comunidade serena, simples e muito segura.


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