Brazilian kiteboarding holidays

So it’s no surprise that Brazil has gained recognition as one of the world’s premiere destinations for wind-powered sports. The place really has it all: low cost of living, great weather, strong wind, good-looking people, vast variety of kite spots, a long season and a love for parties.

Brazil is a massive country with almost 7500 km cost line . So it is possible to find all styles of kitesurfing from flat water to waveriding. Also conditions vary from tropical in the north to wetsuit wearing in the far south.

Kitesurfing in Brazil is famous for its protected lagoons, epic downwinders and spectacular Southern Atlantic swells. The wind tends to be good for most of the country between May and February, leaving just March and April as the time not to go on Brazilian kiteboarding holidays.

On the down side, being one of the goto kitesurfing holiday destinations some of the big names spots can get very busy during peak times. But if you’re down for some alone time there are endless places to ride. Of course with the holiday crowds comes plenty of partying….

Brazil is home to some of the best kitesurf holiday spots in the world due to phenomenal wind reliability for at least 9 months of the year. Other big attractions of kitesurfing holidays to Brazil are the friendliness of the people, the amazing value for money (for westerners), an amazing climate and stunning beaches as far as the eye can see, especially in the Northern Praia da Pipa region area .

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