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The Best surf destination for 2019

Planning an epic surf trip for 2019 and trying to narrow down the list of top surf destinations?

From firm favourites like J’Bay to lesser known spots like Newcastle in Australia – I chatted to some of my fellow wandering surfers to bring you the list of Top Surf Destinations...

The Best places for Backpacker in Brazil

Bay after bay, beach after beach, wave after wave – the coast of Brazil contains more gorgeous spots than some continents dream of. It’s no surprise that Brazil is a dream destination for those searching some good surf – if that’s you, make sure to put these locations on your list.

Vacanze in Brasile nord est paradiso tropicale Pipa

Il Rio Grande de Norte si trova nel nord-est del Brasile e ha come capitale la città di Natal.  Con poco più di 3 milioni di abitanti lo stato ha il forte flusso di turismo e attrae più di 2 milioni di visitatori l’anno, attratti dalla bellezza naturale delle sue spiagge, montagne e deserto; ricca...