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  surf camp Brazil  
Surf Camp Pipa Hostel - Brazil
Surf Camp Pipa Hostel & surf and SUP School in Praia da Pipa, Rio grande do Norte, Brazil . Learn safe and fun with Ours instructors certificates from the Federation ISA (International Surf Association ) and ILS (international Life Saving) . Your surfing holiday in a tropical paradise . Just 200 metres from Praia de Pipa center Beach, Surf Camp Pipa Hostel offers free Wi-Fi and a barbecue facility. Pipa centre is 100 metres away and Praia dos Amores Beach is 400 metres away. All rooms and dormitories at Surf Camp Pipa contain a fan and a private or a shared bathroom. Some rooms offer a balcony or a patio with a hammock. A guest kitchen and a common TV room are some of the facilities on-site. Surf lessons and stand up paddle , trips with expert instructors can be arranged at the tour desk. Welcome to Brazil ! 
stand up paddle lagoon trip tibau
100 rs / [-]
SUP TRIP in lagoon or river by 4x4 with our team of instructors and Guide
advanced surf course in Brazil
290 reais / with video analyze
To be in this group you don't need to be world champion. You just need
2 hours surf lessons praia da pipa
80 reais / beginner/advanced
The best way to get introduced into the world of surfing . In our surfing
3 dias curso de surf
320 reais / 3 day surf courses
Durante suas férias em Pipa venha à nossa escola provar o curso de surf de
Stand up paddle lesson
90 reais / Aula de stand up paddle
Best known as SUP, Stand Up Paddle is a water sport that consists of paddling
3 day camp hostel + surf courses in Brazil
430 reais / 3 dias camp Hostel + curso surf na Praia da Pipa
Junte-se a nós em um curso de surf três dias com acomodação em quarto para
3 days surf/SUP trip in Praia da Pipa Brasil
450 reais / 3 dias SURF o SUP Trip na Praia da Pipa Brasil
If you want discovery the best spot of the region by 4x4  or just want
6 day surf courses Praia da pipa Brazil
630 reais / 6 dias curso de surf Praia da pipa Brasil
Se você gosta do mar, das ondas, de emoção e, claro, do esporte, pode descobrir
7 day hostel + surf courses in Brazil
/ beginner/advanced
Practise makes perfect. Enjoy 6 days of a progressive surf course with an experienced and
KITE school praia da pipa brasil
/ -
surf & Stand up paddle team surfcamp
TEAM! Excellent Certified Surf Instructors Team, Certifieds from the Brasilian Federation CBS , International ISA
Roberto Moretto
certificate ISA Surf level 2 e SUP - ILS life savi
Roberto Moretto menager and Istructor of Surf Pipa, will be
certificate surf instructors
Professional Surf Instructor Certifieds by Brasilian Federation CBS and International Federation ISA Level 1 e 2 surf e SUP ( International Surfing
The History Of Stand Up Paddle
The History Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding Starts With Our Genetic Code As animals go, we humans are the oddities in our jungle. Unlike most, we are designed to stand up and travel great distances on just two legs. Though our evolution is the subject of great debate, all human babies are born with an innate drive to stand up. Offer your index fingers to the hands of a tiny seated infant and the baby will grip hard, using your offered fingers to immediately push themselves upright on to their wobbly little feet. A human baby will progress from standing alone to walking and eventually running, usually by the second year of life. Stand up paddling gives us humans an amazingly efficient way to travel quickly across a body of water in our naturally favored position. Think about how excited and intrigued you were the first time you saw someone stand up paddling. Tap into your nomadic ancestry and you'll understand how valuable it would have been for hunting and the discovery of safe, more verdant shores. It has a universal appeal. As
Circuito de Surf da Praia da Pipa , que tem Inscrição Gratuita para menores de 18 anos ! Mission Objetivo: Transformar a vida dos jovens menos favorecidos com a inclusão gratuita nas atividades do Surf Treino Pipa. Prevenir o uso de drogas por meio da prática segura e orientada do esporte, utlizando-se da modalidade do esporte como o surf.Promover novas oportunidades elevando conhecimentos, educação equalidade de vida dos participantes do projeto.Agregar valores a todas as pessoas que possam compartilhar com esse projeto.Pretendemos criar uma Associação de Surf da Praia da Pipa , para poder no futuro organizar para crianças e adolecentes mais eventos, treinamentos , cursos , atividades ligadas à preservaçao do meio ambiente, outras atividades esportivas, Vamos ajudar os jovens atletas da Pipa e do municipio inteiro com atividades que possam levar todos a ser grandes atletas e profissionais no mundo do Surfe. Company Overview é um Circuito SURF ESCOLA da Praia da Pipa , que tem Inscrição Gratuita para menores de 18 ano apresentando o boletin escolar . A intenção é fazer 6 etapas por ano, nos melhores picos de ondas da PIPA
Surfing in a Tropical Paradise
Introducing Praia Da Pipa Pipa is one of Brazil's magical destinations – pristine beaches backed by tall cliffs, dreamy lagoons, decent surfing, dolphin- and turtle-filled waters, a great selection of pousadas, hostels, global restaurants and good nightlife. Just another small, roadless, fishing village when discovered by surfers in the 1970s, Pipa today rivals Jericoacoara as the Northeast's hippest beach town, attracting partiers from Natal, João Pessoa, Recife and beyond at holidays and weekends, and a slew of international travelers year-round. Its laid-back, independent-traveler and ecological vibe still reigns and, with luck, Pipa may be just too small for that to change, despite the ranks of umbrella'ed tables along the main beaches catering to vanloads of day-trippers from Natal.
Curso ISA
Curso forma Instrutores de Surf Certificado ISA
Curso da ISA na Praia da Pipa O ISA, a mais alta autoridade no mundo do surf, e próprio método de ensino é mais eficaz e avançados do mundo. O Curso forma Instrutores de Surf Certificado ISA Em parceria com a Federação de Surfe do Rio Grande do Norte a CBS, Confederação Brasileira de Surfe, organiza curso Nível 1 da ISA, International Surfing Association, na Praia da Pipa nos dias 22 e 23 de janeiro de 2011. O curso será ministrado por Marcos Conde, técnico oficial da ISA e visa capacitar instrutores para trabalhar em escolas de surfe. Organizado junto com o Surf Camp Pipa ele acontecerá na Praia do Madeiro. Com as aulas práticas e teóricas o curso terá a duração de dois dias, Os cursos fazem parte do programa desenvolvido e aprovado pela International Surfing Association, ISA, e visam capacitar os professores de escolhinhas e futuros técnicos de Surfe. Investimento: custo de R$ 500,00 quinhentos reais por participante, que receberão apostila e certificado com validade internacional. Para participar é fácil, basta entrar em contato pelo e-mail Atendimento de 2ª à 6ª feira das 17:00 as
ISA International surfing Association
For a better surfing future
The International Surfing Association (ISA) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the World Governing Authority for Surfing.
Surf Camp Pipa - Brazil
school - camp - surftrip - yoga - rentals
Are you are looking for the beach of your dreams with perfect swell that you can surf only with your board and your shorts ?? Are you are looking for a chilled out Surfcamp ??? Then you will find your perfect Surfing holidays at Praia da Pipa Surf Camp in Brazil
Surf Camp Pipa Brazil
Surfing is one of the most complete and natural experiences that are known. If you never tried to surf in your vacation , try, you'll love! Teaching people how to surf in Pipa while making sure they have the best possible surfing holidays is our main goal and what we thrive on. The surf camp has a laid-back vibe and accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. We welcome everyone from singles to families, experts to novices. By surfing the unique experience that your body is in harmony with the ocean. your surf holiday It promotes a healthy lifestyle and ecological awareness.
Las largas noches de Praia da Pipa
Elegida por muchos argentinos para visitar y también para vivir, Pipa es otra de las localidades del norte brasileño con un espíritu muy atractivo para el visitante. Tiene temperaturas altas durante todo el año y unas playas maravillosas, muy atractivas para los surfers, ya que sus olas son ideales para practicar el deporte. Del mismo modo, es lugar elegido por mucha gente joven, ya que su actividad nocturna es intensa.“Pipa es como la Ibiza del Río Grande del Norte”, comenta en una cena un empresario hotelero
Surf Camp praia da Pipa Hostel
Just 200 metres from Praia de Pipa Beach, Surf Cam
all level - sand
this spot is where we make the first lessons for beginner and level 2 , sand break , for all level of surfers , easy take off , excellent spot for lon
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